Turbocharging B2B e-commerce in 2021

The exponential acceleration B2C e-commerce had in 2020 is very well known by everyone, from professionals to your next-door neighbour. In just a few months, market dynamics and consumer behaviours jumped decades forward, quicker than ever.

What about b2b e-commerce?

B2B companies of every size started recognising that digital platforms are crucial for their success and that selling without sales reps does not threaten the relational aspect of the business: it is just a streamlined way to get new customers, manage inventory and orders, and boost sales.

Reports such as DHL’s The Ultimate B2B E-commerce Guide confirm this trend.

By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Global sales on B2B e-commerce sites and marketplaces is projected to reach US $20,9 trillion by 2027.

Two key aspects of this shift are:

Covid-19 forced digitalisation to grow

The B2B buyer demographic changed: bye boomers, 👋 hello Millennials

Here at H-FARM, through our Enabling Solutions unit, we were among the first to develop a B2B e-commerce based on Salesforce and we found that:

it allows you to offer personalised treatments to your customers;
it streamlines price lists and catalogues;
it optimises internal processes and customer relationship management;
it helps you activate new processes and redesign your brand identity

…and many other insights that we would love to discuss with you.

Contact us at innovation@h-farm.com



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